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With the beginning of summer inevitably comes the start of yard-work season. Whether that makes you groan or excited, here are a few tips that should help you get through that to-do list.

  1. Every Summer Has Its Start

The start of any summer yard work should be to organize and clean all your tools and supplies. Not only does this make things easier to find, you make sure items are working and in proper order before you need them. You should also take stock of what you have, whether it be weed killer or bug spray; you’ll want to know if you need to pick items up while you’re picking out flowers to plant in your yard or vegetables for your garden.

  1. Lawn Care Starts Before You Know It

Applying fertilizer early in spring to the grass and plants at an early stage will give your yard a head start on the summer. Also begin to sprinkle herbicides in to prevent crabgrass and other unwanted weeds from sprouting. After around six weeks, you should reapply these with broadleaf weed killer. Being preemptive in the fight against weeds is a good way to keep from fighting that fight all summer.

  1. Mowing is Half the Battle

Be sure to mow often in spring, not just when the grass grows too tall for your liking. For a fuller and healthier lawn, mow every five days for the first six weeks of spring. If you miss that fifth day due to weather, don’t worry too much. This will help your lawn be thicker and fuller, instead of longer.

  1. Thank You Very Mulch

Now that you have everything else in order, it’s time to start on the flower beds. Be sure to edge them out to prevent your yard from encroaching on your flowers and other plants. Trimming back dead or unsightly branches is also a good thing to keep your shrubs and plants clean and healthy. Be sure to replace much of the mulch in your beds that has been lost or discolored over the winter. The best time to do this is early so that you can enjoy it all summer long.

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