Trick-or-treat safety tips


In a child’s eyes, Halloween is one of the best nights of the year, obviously next to Christmas. However, nowadays, the thought of walking around in the dark, asking strangers for candy is not something everyone is comfortable with. Consider these helpful safety tips before hitting the streets to collect this year’s sugary loot.

Plan a route in advance. Trick-or-treating can often take you away from familiar territory. Take the time to map out a route before you go. It can be frustrating enough to navigate through crowds of people, don’t let the night be more tiring by walking more than planned or getting lost.

Use the buddy system. Some preteens and younger teenagers want the freedom to go trick-or-treating without an adult present. However, most Halloween safety experts recommend that parents accompany children under 12.

Walk on the sidewalks. Most children know to stay out of the road, and the rules do not change because it is Halloween. It’s imperative that your children know to stay on the sidewalks and walk in the crosswalks when trick-or-treating.

Stay comfortable. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you can run in if needed. Tailor costumes to an appropriate length so you do not trip. This will also ensure that in the event that something happens, your child can safely run away.

Stay in well-lit areas. To any kid going trick-or-treating, they want their costume to be perfect. However, if the costume is dark in color apply some type of reflectors on the costume to ensure that the child is seen. And, always have a flashlight.

Be mindful of candy. It’s hard to wait before you rip into your candy, but for safety reasons, it is a must. Always check every piece of candy before consuming to make sure that the candy has not previously been opened. If the candy looks tampered with in any way, DO NOT EAT IT.

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