Wedding Etiquette as a Guest


As a guest to a wedding, there are rules you should be aware of before you even step foot into the event. It starts with the day you receive the news that the couple has gotten engaged. Keep these tips in mind the next time you get invited to a wedding!

  • Do not share photos of the bride and groom announcing their engagement before they do. They should be the first ones to share the news unless they tell you otherwise
  • Send your RSVP back as soon as possible (ALWAYS RSVP by the date the bride and groom have requested)
  • NEVER get engaged or make a big announcement such as a pregnancy at somebody else’s wedding. That day is their big day, you’ll have another time for yours
  • Ask the bride or groom questions privately. Don’t ask about details in front of others. You don’t know who is or who is not invited. It could make for an uncomfortable situation
  • Don’t give your opinion unless asked
  • Turn your phone off or double check it is on silent during the ceremony and during other important times such as the speeches or the first dance. In fact, keep it put away unless you’re taking photos of the bride and groom. Take it out later in the evening to take photos but stray away from texting and making calls. You can do that anytime. You’re there to enjoy the couple and besides they invited you there to enjoy yourself!
  • Stay clear of the wedding photographer. Take all the photos you want, but don’t get in the way of the professionals. The couple has hired them to capture their special day, don’t nag them by asking if they will take a photo of you and your date and don’t hold your camera phone up in front of them as they are trying to capture other special moments. If they come up to the couple while you are chatting with them at the reception, quickly and kindly excuse yourself so they can get the picture they’re intending to capture
  • Always bring a gift for the bride and groom. Whether you’re in the bridal party, family friend or family member, it is always expected that you bring a gift. The rule of thumb is to spend the minimum you think it costs for you and your guest(s) to attend the wedding
  • Get gifts off the registry. There is a reason they registered. Include gift receipts as well. If there is not something you’d like to get the next best thing is to give a gift card to the place they have registered at or give cash. Cash is king!

Now you’re ready for you summer full of weddings!


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