Which New Year’s Resolution Are You?


The New Year has arrived and what better way to see which resolution you should be sticking too than by taking a quiz! Mark down your answers to the questions below to see which New Years Resolution you are in 2017!


1.       Which movie would you rather see?

a.       Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

b.      Sing

c.       Passengers

d.      Why Him?

e.      La La Land

f.        Hacksaw Ridge

2.       What will be your food of choice in the New Year?

a.       Salad

b.      Weight watchers frozen meals

c.       Pasta from that amazing Italian restaurant you’ve been wanting to try with that special someone

d.      Anything goes! Bring on the donuts!

e.      Large helpings of baked casseroles like lasagna to more effectively feed more people

3.       Which dessert will be your go-to this year?

a.       One square of dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa

b.      Pudding cups

c.       Banana split  for two

d.      Bring on the donuts!

e.      Anything from the local bake sales

4.       Which hobby do you plan to partake in this year?

a.       A fitness class

b.      Crafting at home

c.       Tandem kayaking  

d.      Something I’ve never tried before

e.      Volunteering at a local nonprofit

5.       What did you spend the most money on last year?

a.       Fast food

b.      Everything

c.       A Netflix subscription/books

d.      Video games

e.      Myself

6.       What is your idea of the perfect night?

a.       A night out on the town

b.      Staying home and relaxing

c.       Date night

d.      Watching a funny movie

e.      Volunteering

7.       Which dog would you be most likely to get?

a.       A Weimaraner

b.      I don’t want a dog, too much commitment

c.       A Lab

d.      A dashchund

e.      Adopt an abused dog

8.       If you have to host your bachelor/bachelorette party somewhere, where would it be?

a.       Los Angeles, California

b.      Ann Arbor, Michigan

c.       Paris, France

d.      Las Vegas, Nevada

e.      New York City, New York

9.       What is your workout of choice?

a.       Jogging

b.      Workout dvd/video at home

c.       Hot yoga

d.      Zoomba

e.      Kickboxing

10.   Who/where do you want to spend your free time with this year?

a.       The gym

b.      At home with my loved ones

c.       With my special someone

d.      With people who make me happy

e.      At my church

Check below to see which resolution you are!





Mostly A’s: Increasing fitness/lose weight

Mostly B’s: Save more money

Mostly C’s: Find your significant other

Mostly D’s: Laugh more and enjoy life

Mostly E’s: Help more people who are less fortunate

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Megan Martin

Megan Martin is a Communications Specialist at M3 group and a graduate of Calvin College in Grand Rapids. She is a foodie, a lover of art and tea and everything outdoorsy.

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