A petition written by M3 Group owner and publisher of CAWLM, Tiffany Dowling, has been gaining momentum and creating discussion on social media. The petition, called #WhyNotLansing, asks for a show of support in letting retailers know that residents of the downtown area, along with those who work downtown, that there is interest in an urban grocery store, theatre, high-end retail and more. Residents in the area feel there is importance in having access to a more walkable community, where more of what they need and enjoy is close to home.

“Everyone knows that Grand Rapids, Traverse City and many other downtown regions in our state are thriving.” Dowling said. “We are doing well, but we could use some additional retail – why not Lansing?”

Dowling says the revitalization in other communities includes urban grocery stores. For example, Meijer plans to open its smallest urban store in Grand Rapids in the fall of 2018, but it won’t carry the name of the successful Midwest chain. The store will go by the moniker of Bridge Street Market. The retailers are creating stores that fit the region, but they need to see a swell of support and business.

“I’m proud to say that I live and work downtown,” said Dowling. “I have invested in Lansing. I believe in this community so much I’m willing to work for the change I would like to see.” Dowling believes there is great potential for growth in the area; not only by bringing in an urban Grocery Store, but with other retailers and establishments. “It’s time to change the conversation and update our community perspective, we need to be pro-active and rebrand our region.”

The Lansing business owner plans to continue asking for support from the community through her petition found here. Expect further announcements in 2018.

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